Demolition Hammer - 60 lb. Electric


Safety Precautions

Extension Cords

If an extension cord is necessary, a cord with adequate size conductors should be used to prevent excessive voltage drop, loss of power or overheating. If you are using a 601b hammer a cord will be provided. This 50ft. cord is the maximum amount that can be used under any circumstances. Do not use additional cord or a different cord than what was provided to you.

See: Recommended Minimum Wire Gauge Chart


Installing Accessories

Clean the insert shank end of the accessory to remove any debris, then lightly grease with a light oil or lubricant. If work is to be done where the accessories are changed frequently and laid in dirt. sand or concrete dust, it is best not to grease the shank after wiping clean.

NOTE: The high efficiency available from the hammer can only be obtained if sharp and undamaged accessories are used.

NOTE: The notch on the internal locking steel should always face toward the retainer lever. To lock, raise the tool retainer lever all the way up.

Removing Accessories

Warning! Accessories may be hot after use. Avoid contact with skin or use proper protective gloves or clothing to remove. # To remove an accessory, reverse the previous directions. All accessories should be wiped clean after removing.

Tool Tips